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Video Gallery:

Serious Pimp TV at Paid Dues 2010 - SP.TV Teaser

Serious Pimp TV Broadcasting LIVE from PAID DUES Hip Hop Festival... Get Ready for the West Coast Movement only on SP.TV!! - Click here to visit

KURUPT "N Gotti We Trust" reppin "DPG" Sunglasses!! G-Hood TV - Behind The Scenes.

Kurupt wearing the new SERIOUS PIMP "DPG" Dogg Pound Gangsta sunglasses at his video shot for "N Gotti We Trust" - G Hood TV

"SERIOUS PIMP" Music Video feat. Hustle Boyz & Chris Starr - Directed by: Dah Dah

FRESH OUT DA BAKERY!!! - New Serious Pimp Music Video / Commercial shot at the W Hotel in Hollywood feat. The Hustle Boyz!!

Snoop performs "I Wanna Rock" @ Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno wearing DPG Glasses!

SNOOP, DAZ, KURUPT, DJ LT, & the SNOOPADELICS rockin Serious Pimp "DPG" Dogg Pound glasses on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno!

KOKANE - "TWILIGHT ZONE" Music Video feat. SERIOUS PIMP Sunglasses + Shoelaces!

West Coast OG Kokane is reppin w/ the white SERIOUS PIMP "OG Bandana" Sunglasses & Shoelaces in this new video "Twilight Zone".

2Tone "Everyday" Video Shoot feat. Glasses Malone... Raw Footage Behind The Scenes.

Behind the Scenes footage from 2Tone's video shoot "Everyday" feat. Glasses Malone. XPLIZIT Car Club & SERIOUS PIMP Sunglasses.

SNOOP DOGG "Protocol" Music Video wearing SERIOUS PIMP "Godfather" Sunglasses!

Bigg SNOOP DOGG reppin SP "GODFATHER" SUNGLASSES in this video with Scenes from his new movie "Malice N Wonderland".

TMZ Video: Jesse James Mistress #2 featured on TMZ wearing SERIOUS PIMP Top!

Jesse James Mistress Melissa Smith caught on TMZ flashing cameras and shaking her booty at a Serious Pimp X-Mas Party back in 2007.

Extra Footage of Jesse James Alleged Mistress dancing at SERIOUS PIMP Party...

New video has surfaced featuring the alleged homewrecker Melissa Smith. Check out her pink SERIOUS PIMP Women's Tank Top!

Johnny Knoxville Gets Seriously Pimped by Ric Hard & Dismost in Hollywood!

X17 Video Papparazi spotted Johnny Knoxville and some Serious Pimp spokesmen arrived to steal some of his camera time..

Snoop wearing SP Godfather Shades Behind The Scenes @ "We Are The World" Video.

Exclusive footage of Snoop talking to Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, & other celebrities at the making of "We Are The World" for Haiti.

"We Are The World" For Haiti - Official Music Video 2010

Much Respect to Snoop Dogg & all those who gave back to the new We Are The World. Thanks for the support & repping SP Sunglasses! P.I.M.P. (Power In My Prayer)

John Wayne Parr Kickin Ass SERIOUS PIMP Style in "The Violent" (Movie Preview)

Scene from "The Violent" - starring 5 times World Muay Thai Champion JOHN WAYNE PARR wearing a Serious Pimp T-Shirt!!

Daz & Kurupt Talk Nate Dogg - Daz is wearing Serious Pimp "DPG" Sunglasses!

Vibe caught up w/ Daz & Kurupt at "Respect the West". They revealed how Nate Dogg is doing after his 2nd stroke in 2008. "He's going to get back on his feet," says Kurupt.

Daz, Kurupt, and DJ Quik perform "Xxplosive" at SXSW "Respect The West" Concert!

Daz rocking the new Serious Pimp "DPG" Shades at the SXSW "Respect The West" Concert! - Shout out to the homies Kurupt & DJ Quik also reppin SP.

SNOOP DOGG at SXSW 2010 Swagg Cafe Showcase rockin SP "GODFATHER" Shades!

Check out SNOOP performing "Still DRE" and "P.I.M.P." live wearing SERIOUS PIMP "GODFATHER" Sunglasses at SXSW 2010 Independent Music & Film Festival!


Exclusive Video Footage from SERIOUS PIMP at Snoop Dogg's "Malice N Wonderland" Release Party w/ Travis Barker. WestCoast!

Snoop Dogg shout-out to Serious Pimp LIVE on UStream

The Big Homie SNOOP DOGG showing Serious Pimp Sunglasses some love during a live video chat on UStream.TV/SnoopDogg

MacShawn100 feat. Snoop Dogg "And U Do Know THAT!"

Snoop Dogg reppin Serious Pimp Sunglasses in MacShawn 100 "AND YOU DO KNOW THAT!" feat Daz, DJ Quik, Too Short & 2nd II None.

Snoop Dogg feat. Daz, Kurupt, & Bishop Don Magic Juan - "U Gotta Tell Me What You Want"

Check out this video Produced by Battle Cat / Directed by Dah Dah - feat. Daz, Kurupt, The Hustle Boyz, & Bishop Don Magic Juan - R.I.P. Teddy Pendergrass

Snoop Dogg & Cypress Hill performing "I Wanna Rock" on the George Lopez show!

SNOOP performs "I Wanna Rock" on George Lopez show with special appearance by CYPRESS HILL!! - DAZ & KURUPT rockin the SERIOUS PIMP "Godfather" Sunglasses!

Snoop Dogg Freestyle at Adidas Launch Party wearing Serious Pimp Sunglasses

Check out Snoop Dogg wearing SERIOUS PIMP Sunglasses at the Adidas Launch Party for David Beckham's new shoe.

Bas Rutten Steals Quinton Rampage Jackson's Chicken!!

Check out RAMPAGE rockin the SEROUS PIMP "Camo" Jacket!
Bas Rutten & Rampage joke around during a PRIDE interview, and Bas steals Rampage's chicken.

Quinton Rampage Jackson demos a Takedown & Pimp Slaps his Training Partner!

RAMPAGE is wearing a SERIOUS PIMP "Fuck You Pay Me" Tank Top while demonstrating his takedown technique for MMA Weekly.

Serious Pimp Fighter Cris "Cyborg" Santos defends her title vs. Marloes Coenen

Women's STRIKEFORCE Champion CRIS "CYBORG" SANTOS wearing PINK SERIOUS PIMP SUNGLASSES as she fights Marloes Coenen and defends her title belt.

Snoop Dogg and other Stars Raise Millions for Haiti on CNN Larry King Live

SERIOUS PIMP & SNOOP DOGG support the people of Haiti during a special telethon on CNN "Larry King Live" which raised more than $8 million in disaster relief for Haiti. - Snoop is wearing Serious Pimp "Godfather" Sunglasses.

Snoop Dogg "I Get That Alot" - Intro features Snoop wearing Serious Pimp Sunglasses

Snoop Dogg on CBS TV Show "I Get That A Lot", where celebrities work regular jobs and pull pranks on people. Watch Snoop clownin around as a parking lot attendant and bumpin his new CD "Malice N Wonderland".

Snoop Dogg in Labeled Insane "ROCKER" T-shirt reppin The Hustle Boyz! - SERIOUS PIMP

Check out SNOOP DOGG hangin backstage reppin The Hustle Boyz... SNOOP is rockin the LABELED INSANE "Rocker" T-Shirt!! Lookout for The Hustle Boyz new CD "Stricly Bidnez".

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson fighting for Serious Pimp - Old School PRIDE Bad to the Bone

Check out this old school PRIDE Fighting Championship video feat. Quinton RAMPAGE Jackson shout to

Snoop Dogg - Malice N Wonderland "Bigg Boss Dogg Promo - Shoot Em Up"

Malice N Wonderland Countdown "Bigg Boss Dogg" Promo. Go get Snoop's album in stores dropping on 12/8/09! Chuuuuuch!!

Young Dre The Truth feat. Snoop Dogg - "Cheah Bah" Fight Night Round 4 Remix

Check out Snoop Dogg rockin the Serious Pimp Sunglasses in Young Dre's Fight Night Remix video with Bernard Hopkins and Shane Mosley

TC's "Shut U Down" Feat. BIGG SNOOP DOGG wearing Serious Pimp Sunglasses

TC's "Shut U Down" Feat. BIGG SNOOP DOGG off the Snoop Dogg Presents Bacc To Tha Chuuch Volume 1.

Young Jeezy Gets Blessed by Uncle Snoop Dogg with some SERIOUS PIMP Sunglasses!

Uncle Snoop hooks Young Jeezy up with some SERIOUS PIMP "OG Bandana" Sunglasses & Skullcandy Headphones! Chuuuuuch!!!

New Hustle Boyz Video:
"Purple Chronic / Bacc Seat Lovin" - Serious Pimpin

The Hustle Boyz have been grinding like crazy in '09, and w/ Snoop Dogg and Serious Pimp endorsing them, D-Dimes and Mac Lucci are on the right path.

"Snoop State of Mind" - Tha G-Mix - Serious Pimp

Snoop Dogg pays homage to the Big Apple in his take on Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind." - Directed by Dah Dah

Snoop Dogg on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire wearing SERIOUS PIMP Sunglasses

Snoop Dogg rockin' the "Playaz" Sunglasses as he plays for charity on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 10th Anniversary Special!

Snoop at Pittsburgh Steelers training camp wearing SERIOUS PIMP Sunglasses

Bigg Snoop Dogg tours the Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp aka SixBurgh Steelers (6 of them!)

Snoop Dogg & Slightly Stoopid Promo for Blazed & Confused Tour - Hip Hollywood Feature

Snoop Dogg and Slighty Stoopid went on tour this summer and was with the Dogg when he announced plans for the "Blazed and Confused" event.

Snoop Dogg on TMZ wearing SERIOUS PIMP Sunglasses!

Snoop Dogg was droppin' dollars like it's hot ... The super-generous Doggfather gave one flower lady $125 bucks outside a nightclub, granted she split the loot with the two other rose slangers.

Snoop Dogg is Chillin in his LA Lakers Lowrider wearing SERIOUS PIMP Sunglasses!

Snoop Dogg sits in his Los Angeles Lakers Lowrider during a promo video shoot wearing black OG Bandana Serious Pimp Sunglasses!

Snoop Dogg is Taking Serious Pimp Worldwide before a live show in BEIRUT, LEBANON

Bigg Snoop Dogg & Daz Dillinger before a show at the Forum in Beirut, Lebanon - 08/20/09

Snoop Dogg and Security Chillin Backstage Before Show in BEIRUT, LEBANON

Snoop Dogg and venue security chillin' backstage before show in Beirut, Lebanon - 08/20/09

Snoop Dogg is taking Serious Pimp Worldwide in his New Video - "That's Tha Homie"

This is the first music video off of Snoop's new album "Malice N Wonderland" dropping 12/8/09. - Go get Snoop's CD in stores!

Kimo Leopoldo interview on Fox News Fight Game - Part 1

Fox Fight Game: Kimo Leopoldo opens up about his career and false death report from TMZ.

Kimo Leopoldo interview on Fox News Fight Game - Part 2

Fox Fight Game: Kimo Leopoldo opens up about his career and false death report from TMZ.

Kimo Leopoldo Holds a Press Conference In The OC, Alive and Well...

Much Love Kimo... It's all about GOD. FAMILY. LOYALTY!

SERIOUS PIMP Fight Video - Dream 10: Zaromskis vs High

Congratulations to Marious Zaromskis for winning the DREAM Grand Prix Tournament. - Representing SERIOUS PIMP!!

Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy chop it up backstage talkin about Respect For The Game

Uncle Snoops hangin' with Soulja Boy talkin bout the new generation and respect for the game.

Young Jeezy brings out Snoop Dogg live in concert for the America's Most Wanted Tour

Young Jeezy brought out Snoop Dogg aka "Tha DoggFather" for a special appearance in Cincinnati.

Serious Pimp featured on MMA Jacked TV at North American Mixed Martial Arts Expo

Justin Smith aka "Smitty" representin' Serious Pimp Clothing on MMA Jacked TV.

UFC 106 - Phil Baroni wearing SP Sunglasses at Weigh-In

UFC 106 - Phil Baroni rockin the white Serious Pimp OG Bandana Sunglasses live at the UFC weigh-ins in Las Vegas!

Ditch at the "Pimp 24/7" Premiere reppin Serious Pimp

Check out Ditch on the Red Carpet rockin the Serious Pimp "Bling" T-Shirt at the PIMP 24/7 TV Series premiere screening at Sony Studios

K9 The Human Beatbox rockin live wearing Serious Pimp hat

Check out K9 The Human Beatbox rockin the mic wearing a black Serious Pimp "Hustle" hat.

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